Диета для ленивых, минус 8-12 кг за две недели. Меню диеты и бонусы


Is it possible to lose weight without straining?Yes, it’s real.The most important obstacle to lose weight is too lazy!Many diets involve compliance with special regulations and regular exercise.There are ways to help lose weight and become slimmer without expending any effort.There is a water diet is a good diet for sedentary people, which is enough for a set amount of fluid to drink at certain times. It can give a stunning effect of weight loss.Water, source of lifeLazy Water diet involves the use of an ordinary liquid.You do not need to keep track of calories, look for health food, and you can not reduce your food intake.The main thing that you need is to drink water according to special rules.Water is the main source of life on earth, which is present in all living organisms.The human body contains up to 70% water.Water contains no calories, is a good conductor, remove waste and toxins from the body. Water nourishes the body, and you do not want to eat.Nutritionists say that drinking water is necessary and useful in small portions, 30 ml for a few sips.You can not drink a lot of water in one gulp.The essence of the dietDiet lasts for 2 weeks.Before each use of the food, either before snack, you should use 1 or 2 cups of water, 200 ml.At the same time you lose about 8 kg of excess weight.To conduct such a diet may be 1 time per year.Diet improves performance.Not suitable for pregnant women to such a diet, cores, people with gastritis and ulcers, kidney disease.Before starting the diet need to go to the doctor and consult.The essence of this diet is that the water gives a feeling of fullness.Reshivshiesya the aquatic diet people are cheerful, move more and lose weight faster.The main thing is to comply with the basic rule is 20 minutes before eating food drink 2 cups of water.During the food intake and two hours after it is impossible to drink.At the same time it is necessary to drink only non-carbonated tap or filtered water at room temperature.Diet for the lazy suggests that the liquid should be consumed in limited quantities and in a timely manner. The day should drink 3 liters.On a diet, you can also drink coffee and tea without sugar.To obtain the effect, it is necessary:-pit water in small sips at intervals-Removed from the diet fast food and sweetsDo not sit still-polnotsenny 8-hour sleepThere are several ways to remove excess weight.Water diet is not the only diet for those who lead a sedentary and lazy lifestyle. There are also diets, with which you can easily lose weight.1. Protein dietThis is a real find for lovers of meat products.First, the protein diet is delicious (if you like fish, poultry, meat), and secondly, the food of the protein quickly and permanently nourishes the body.Organize yourself protein food easily at home, at a party in the restaurant, but be aware that the protein requires regular exercise.2. The Mediterranean dietIf you like Italian and Greek restaurants, then you will enjoy this diet. Eat different foods can be, but in certain proportions.On this diet you must eat carbohydrates, and large amounts of fruits, fresh vegetables, seafood and olive oil.Exclude from the diet is necessary to eggs, any red meat and bakery products.Follow a diet is not difficult, just learn.3. Diet ProtasovThis diet is designed only 1.5 months.On this diet you can eat fresh vegetables and any dairy products without restrictions, then add to the diet of lean meat.The «cropping season,» especially nice to sit on such a diet with a variety of vegetables with low price.

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